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Poetry Workshops

Penny has run poetry workshops for various arts spaces, organisations and charities, including during her time as Poetry Fellow of the Paris American Academy (2011). Other workshops have taken place through Soho House and Soho Farmhouse (2016-7), Littoral Arts (2014) and CoolTan Arts (2013).


Academic Teaching Roles

Crowds and Clouds, Digital Humanities Department, King’s College London (2018)

Language in Time, English Department, King’s College London (2014-17)

Forms of Shorter Narrative, Comparative Literature Department, King’s College London (2017)

King’s Interdisciplinary Award, Graduate School, King’s College London (2015-16)

King’s Global Award, Graduate School, King’s College London (2016-17)

Introducing Literary Theories, English Department, King’s College London (2015)

Contested Culture: Formations, Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s College London (2015)

Performance Live: London, Syracuse University, London (2014-16)

Convening and Editorial Roles

Reader, Frontier Poetry, 2017–present


Co-Founder and Contributing Editor, King’s English Blog, English Department, King’s College London, 2016-2017. URL:


Co-Convenor, ‘Research with Reach: Valuing Ideas Beyond the Academe,’ conference and workshops to encourage impact beyond academic journals, 2014-2017


Committee Member, Arts and Humanities Faculty Impact and Innovation Committee, School of Arts and Humanities, King’s College London, 2016-2017


Co-Convenor, ‘City Centric: Interdisciplinary Urban Studies Reading Group,’ seminars

    and conference to support a network of urban studies scholars, 2014-2016


Convenor, ‘The Anomalous, Meeting,’ research seminar series exploring anomalies in the ecology, economics and art, 2015


Peer Reviewer, Platform: Postgraduate Journal of Theatre Arts, Vol. 9, Iss. 2, Special Issue: Performance, Place and Geography, 2015


Conference Organising Committee Member, ‘Union’: King’s Arts and Humanities Interdisciplinary Conference, King’s College London, 2014


Series Chair, ‘Papers in Progress’ workshop series, a cross-disciplinary discussion group for postgraduate writing practices, 2014


Contributing Co-Editor, Literature Section, London Student Newspaper, 2011-2013

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