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Published and Commissioned Poems

b-side (commission 2019-2022): long-form performance poem 'Off to Collect Some Rock'

Accompanying sound archive of members of the public reading poems produced in 1:1 workshops with Penny, whilst on the Poetryledge: 

Unfinished Business (commission 2020): 'I am my womb'


The Poetry Review (2019): 'speaking because of bodies'

Under the Radar (2019): 'the larch fell ill'

The London Magazine (2019): 'Sir, –' and 'Fear Makes Me a Modern Person'

Cordite 88: TRANSQUEER (2018), guest-eds Quinn Eades and Stuart Barnes. Poem: ‘At Rome

Lambda Literary Poetry Spotlight (2018). Poem: 'It breaks like'

3:AM (2018). Poems: ‘Drummers Wanted’

Magma 70 (The Europe Issue, 2018), eds Susannah Hart and Paul Stephenson. Poem: ‘The Way By Swans’

TSR: The Southampton Review (print, 2018). Poem: ‘So I Spoke to a Crystallographer’

The Portland Review (2018). Pushcart Prize 2019 nominated poem: ‘Chopping Wood for Mum Because Dad is Dead’

TSR: The Southampton Review (online, 2018). Poem: 'Losing the Dog

Connotation Press (2018). Poems: ‘Sleeping Aids’ and ‘A Source of Light’

The Emma Press Anthology of Love (Emma Press, 2018). Poem: 'Small Loss of Every Softness'

Hobart (Jan 2018). Poem: ‘How to Gut a Grouse

The Still Point, Issue #2 (Spring 2017). Poem: ‘Small Loss of Every Softness’

The Cardiff Review (Autumn 2016). Poem: 'in the company of older women', with a recorded reading

The Still Point, Issue #1 (Autumn 2015). Poems: ‘Ste eped on a Beach’ and ‘Cool young poets talking about their art basically, Xxxx’ (extract)

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