She studied English Lang. and Lit. at                               King's College London, where                       she wrote a PhD on clouds. 



Penny grew up and lives in Leeds, where she is currently performing the serial long-form poem 'Porm' at The Sunday Practise.


Her poetry has featured in 3:AM, The Southampton Review, Hobart, Lambda Literary, Magma, Alien Mouth and Cordite, and has been anthologised by The Emma Press, amongst others.

PhD (2018) A conceptual history

of clouds from the Ancient Greeks to the iCloud

Penny won a Northern Writers' Award 2019. She is currently a New North Poet.



She received a Pushcart Prize 2019 nomination from the editors at The Portland Review.

Penny worked as a writer for the British Red Cross from 2017-2018. She is involved in queer studies and activist groups.

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